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Affordable Housing for Who? Was formed for the express purpose of opposing Metro Regional Government’s $652.8 million-dollar property tax increase.  Like many Oregonians, we are greatly concerned about the exponentially growing cost of housing in the Portland Metro Region.  Unlike Metro, the City of Portland and other local governments in the region, we do not believe the answer to solving our housing crisis can be achieved by asking the very people affected by the crisis for more money.

Instead, Affordable Housing for Who? believes these local governments need to confront the real causes of our housing crisis and find solutions that lower the cost of housing for everyone in the region, not just a select group of the most in need.  Instead of asking for $652.8 million in property taxes, perhaps Metro could spend time addressing the key impediments to affordable housing in our region:

  • Reducing the cost of land in the region
  • Reducing the cost of local government regulation on the price of housing
  • Creating incentives at the local government level to build additional affordable housing
  • Developing sane housing development policies that focus on affordability first

Of course, any of these policies could have been addressed in the five-year run up to this housing crisis, when the market was soft and there was an opportunity to implement change.  Unfortunately, it was not a priority until the problem got out of hand.  Now Metro wants you to foot the bill so they can solve a tiny part of the problem and declare victory.  Don’t fall for it.  Vote no and send them back to the drawing board.